The Daily Review is a VR Puzzle Game where the player have to manipulate/approve news and propaganda for their country's TV and Social Media Network. A Paper Please meets Job Simulator where you are the person in vain making these decision by interacting with the different objects on your virtual desk to help you accomplish your task.  

Created by a student group of 4 as a FMP (Final Major Project) for a game beyond entertainment within the Headquarters of ELAM.

Install instructions

Please download the game instead if you experience any bugs or problems with the WebGl version of our game.

  1. Once downloaded you will need to then extract the files from the zipped folder
  2. When extracted you may then be able to run the unity game boot called 'VR' and be able to play! 

Please apply your settings and aspect ratio before playing to provide an optimal gaming experience.


The Daily Review Windows Build 111 MB

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